Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Style Sense

For most of us, our use of fabric involves apparel and home décor. That means that our attention is largely focused on the look of the things that we wear, and the environment of the things that surround us on a daily basis. For example regarding clothing you hear of colors being associated with seasons, and when we visit public places or even peoples private homes, we describe places as being cheerful or morose depending on the look and feel of carpets, window treatments, furniture, etc…

Therefore it’s safe to assume that although there are many things that we take for granted, a lot of thought goes into the selection of fabrics that fashion designers and retailers choose for clothing collections, and equally as much thought devoted to what interior designers and home décor manufacturers select for the items that you place in your home.

Although I have done costuming for the entertainment industry and even designed fabric for the apparel market, my primary focus today is on fabrics that are used in home décor. I create designs that are typically used for window treatments, bedding and furniture. There is a famous saying that “there is nothing new under the sun”. As I have stated previously, I have a vintage and antique textile archive numbering approximately 1,000,000 different documents. I make extensive use of my collection as inspiration in the design of new things, not to be used as exact replicas, but as ideas when I reinterpret classical designs.

As you know from my profile and previous posts, I’m a huge fan of classical American, English and French design. I favor a traditional look that is not influenced by “fads” or recent trends. A beautiful floral or paisley design from 18th century France is often as elegant and timely today as it was hundreds of years ago. That’s important to me, and why both personally and professionally, I favor a classical or traditional design style. Conversely, a design of geodetic shapes or bubbles might be ideal for a contemporary “Austin Powers” inspired home, yet it will be totally out of style five years from now, and your friends will be asking “Austin” who?

So the next time that you prepare to purchase something for your home, think about your own style sense, and the fact that with the cost of things today, it’s likely that you’ll need to “live” with your choices for awhile. And whether your choice is modern and contemporary or traditional and elegant, the bottom-line is that it will be your choice, reflecting your style, and to that I say groovy…

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